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Beer City, USA

The online poll that put Grand Rapids on the map, sparked a massive flood of beer tourism, and how the city has flourished as a result.

The Forefathers

The Grand Rapids beer scene began in the early 19th century as immigrants brought their European brewing traditions with them. We meet those who are protecting the relics of the past, and see how the city’s collaborative spirit began with the formation of Grand Rapids Brewing Company in 1893.

Beer Boom

In 1997 Founders Brewing Company opened it doors and was the first of 80+ breweries that would open in the coming decades. A look into this beer boom and what made it stand out from other beer havens.

Rising Tides Raises all Ships

While competition is the name of the business game, it’s not so much in the Grand Rapids beer scene. How these area brewers are friends, not foes, and how the spirit of collaboration is elevating the culture in Beer City, USA.

Home Brewers Unite

The backbone of Beer City, USA is the passion of its home brewing community. A look into the clubs who are embracing the tradition and inspiring the next generation of beer makers: we will meet several who made the coveted leap from home brewers to brewmasters.


As with any craft, brewing is a tried and true artform. How brewmasters are elevating their craft to keep beer connoisseurs coming back.

Beer City Pro-Am

Homebrewers and breweries come together as teams are paired off in an annual competition to see who can create the best Grand Rapids brew.

Winter Beer Festival

The annual mecca for beer lovers in Michigan and beyond. A behind- the-scenes look at how Grand Rapids hosts this massive festival and why thousands of people come to brave the winter weather for an unprecedented variety of craft beers.

American Dream

From craft beer titans like Dave Engbers & Mike Stevens of Founders Brewing Company to upcoming brewers like Mitch and Whitney Ermatinger of Speciation Artisan Ales, the quest to achieve the American Dream is an inspirational story.

Future of Grand Rapids Beer

A look at the school in Grand Rapids Community College that is training the next generation of beer entrepreneurs.

Goals of Beer City, USA
Documentary Television Series

  • Capture the stories of Beer City, USA to highlight our local craft beer scene
  • Preserve Grand Rapids beer history
  • Promote tourism in West Michigan to a nationwide audience
  • Re-energize our local consumers and foster pride in our beer community
  • Showcase West Michigan as a great place to live, work and play
  • Celebrate diversity, equity, and inclusion by showcasing a variety of interwoven storylines and featured interviews
  • Support workforce development by showing why breweries are a cool place to be employed
  • Recruiting and retention of young professionals across all industries in our region
  • Plant a flag in the ground that shows the world we are Beer City, USA

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